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Save time and cost by finding the right candidate directly for the right position. Temp recruitment and Staffing process, from a single place.

We publish your job offer

We multipost your job offer with your firm name, logo, footage and all other information on the most suitable job sites, social media, news sites, magazines, newspapers and via other online marketing channels. Publishing is automated and goes very fast, within hours your campaign will be launched and you can already expect candidates. When you provide us a job description like a region and candidates profile along with the relevant expectations and objectives. Your job offer is online by our partners.

Global recruitment agency is an independent consultancy firm specialised in recruitment marketing and communication. Our young, dynamic team of recruitment consultants, social media experts and copywriters has more than 15 years of experience in recruitment marketing and communications. This experience and unique software supplies us with our search for the right employee for your organisation. Global recruitment is better and faster than an interim or temp / selection agency or if you would do everything by yourself. Clients come in all different sizes, including people who are just starting out, small-business entrepreneurs, and multinational businesses that have a turnover of around a couple hundred million euros.

Our Services

Job Marketing

You will receive the best job marketing from us. Data-driven, online, social media, job marketing. In the Internet marketing world, everyone knows that time is money. Through the services we provide in Global Recruitment, you can maximize the use of digital advertising costs. This can be achieved through group targeting and our customized click-through. more...


If you want to eliminate time-consuming work including searching aimlessly for information, going through hundreds of resumes, dealing with tech issues, missing files, or forwarding new versions of the same file, we have an Online ATS with application statisticsj that will keep your resumes continuously backed up. more...

Custom HR Software

Software can improve almost every facet of a business. Our team creating modular software that is user-friendly and can prove to be quite valuable to a growing company. Our technology is of the highest quality and is the same kind of technology We have own custom resume parsers, multiposters, dashboards, HCM, HRIS, HMS, HRMS, HR software. more...